From August 3rd until September 7th MAMA took a well-deserved break to enjoy the summer. While she regained her strength and drank a poolside cocktail (or two), the keys of the Showroom were left with NoDoughCollective. This temporary collective transformed the space into a testing ground for intuitive making, site specific exploration and creative collaboration.

NoDoughCollective presents HOWLING PANCAKES, a growing group-show that relies entirely on the use of scrap, recycled and donated materials.

Each week they invited a different group of artists and challenged them to create site specific works inside the Showroom using only the materials provided to them. It inspired collaboration between fellow creatives, turned the Showroom into a dynamic studio environment and demonstrated an artist’s ability to devise and make work in a short amount of time using little or no means. Visitors were able to watch the artists at work inside the Showroom and saw the space change and evolve from week to week. Every Friday the artists unveiled their week’s creations and handed the torch to the next group. Five weeks, five exhibitions and over 30 participating artists! scroll down for pictures 

HOWLING PANCAKES is initiated and organized by Laura Grimm, Sasha Herman and Tom Kraanen

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Hello and Goodbye ∿ Howling Pancakes Finisage, 07/09/2018

acts ∿ Dion and the Magic Chords

with work by ∿ Julia Aurora Guzman, Ide André, Roland Spitzer, Sasha Herman, Tom Kraanen and Laura Grimm

special appearance ∿ Caveman

Finisage block 4, 01/09/2018

Participating artists ∿ Lily Higgins, Tiemen Visser, Arash Fakhim, Maurice Gobert, Yasmim Flores, Angelo Ursini and Guus Bakker

Finisage block 3, 24/08/2018

Participating artists ∿ Andreea Peterfi, Ruben Planting, Gerolamo Lucente, Chantal van Lieshout and John Padrino

Finisage block 2, 18/08/2018

Participating artists ∿ Jelmer Konjo, Levi Jacobs, Dewi Elsinga, Robert Rost, Tim Muldert, Noel Deelen, Franky Sticks and Laura Sprenkels

Finisage block 1, 10/08/2018

Participating artists ∿ Dorothy Cheung, Tomoko Hasuwa, Swaan Mostert and Noa Silver

Opening, 03/08/2017